Citizenship and PR cards

Shaun Immigration can help clients to apply for Canadian Citizenship and renew Permanent Residence cards. Our experts can prepare your Citizenship Applications, obtain Proof of Citizenship, apply for Canadian Passport. renew your PR card or obtain a PR travel document.

Citizenship Applications

Shaun Immigration can help with preparing your Citizenship applications. These applications must be prepared according to the citizenship laws in Canada and include all necessary documentation. To apply for citizenship, the candidate must reside within Canada for 1095 days within the last five calendar years.

In addition, a candidate must demonstrate a minimum level of English or French proficiency and pass a Citizenship test. At the end of the application, a successful applicant may be invited to a ceremony of a national oath.

International students and foreign workers can count every day on valid study or work permit as a half-day towards the program requirement but no more than a total of 365 days. This means that your two years before becoming a PR will reduce your waiting time for citizenship for one year.

Proof of Citizenship

Some people may already be Canadian Citizens through the inheritance of status. In order to prove Canadian Citizenship, a person must apply for a ‘Proof of Citizenship’ from the Government of Canada. As part of this process, the candidate will get a confirmation of citizenship form and a letter confirming that he or she has been granted Canadian citizenship.

Applying for a Passport

After gaining Canadian citizenship, you can apply for a passport in order to travel in and outside of Canada. Our experts will help you with obtaining a Canadian passport in the shortest time possible. Canadian Passport allows citizens of Canada to travel to almost 200 foreign countries, return to Canada and enjoy many other benefits.

Renewing your PR card

A permanent resident card (PR Card) is a plastic laminated identification card proving that the person is authorized to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. PR is required to demonstrate their PR cards to enter Canada from abroad.

Applying for the renewal of PR cards can be a complicated procedure. Our experts can prepare your PR card renewals. The main legal requirement to keep your PR status is to meet the residency obligation. As a PR, the person must live in Canada for at least two years out of every five years. If you do not meet this requirement during your five-year period, it is possible to lose your PR status. The government is now running an entry/exit program that allows the Canadian Border Service Agency to actually count the number of days you spend in the country.

Obtaining a PR Travel Document

If your PR card has expired while you are outside Canada, it does not mean you have lost your status. In such cases, permanent residents need to apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) to return to Canada. PRTD can be issued within a few weeks. It is critically important to meet the residency obligation to be eligible for a PRTD. Otherwise, you can endanger your Canadian status.

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Our team can help you with your citizenship application, PR card renewal and other immigration cases. We strongly recommend you talk to a professional to assess your case. For more information please contact the Shaun Immigration team.