Express Entry

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is a Canadian Immigration system that was introduced in January 2015 by the IRCC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to attract high skilled people from all over the world. Express Entry is meant for people who want to immigrate to Canada and meet eligibility requirements like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, arranged employment, and other factors. The system invites top scorers from the pool of candidates to become permanent residents usually in 6-8 months duration.

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country and it radically reformed its Immigration system which opened doors of opportunities for skilled immigrants from all across the globe who wish to settle in Canada or work there temporarily or permanently.

The prime goal of the system is to match highly skilled, educated and experienced workers with available job opportunities both temporary as well as permanent ones, thus making it easier for them to reside as per their preference.

Express Entry

CRS Points Distribution

How are the points allocated in the Express Entry? The maximum point in Express Entry is 1200.  Express Entry grants 100 or 110 points for age (depending on the marital status of the candidate), 140 or 150 points for education, 128 or 136 points for language proficiency in the first official language. The Express Entry also gives up to 100 points for a combination of transferability factors. In addition, candidates may get up to 50 or 200 points for a qualifying job offer, 50 bonus points for the second official language and points for Canadian study and work experience.

What programs does Express Entry serve?

These Express Entry candidates must have at least one year of full-time work experience or two years of part-time work experience to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. As for the Canadian Experience Class, the main requirement is that candidates can prove they have at least one year of work experience in Canada. Candidates under the Federal Skilled Trades Program need to have a job offer or a trade certificate from the Canadian province, and at least two years of qualifying work experience in their trades in the last five years.

Connected Provincial Programs

Express Entry is also connected to several provincial programs, which work in conjunction with the Federal system. Candidates may be nominated for immigration by one of the participating Canadian provinces. As of today, there are about twenty provincial programs connected to the system. Provincial nominees can get 600 points in Express Entry for the nomination and receive the invitation immediately after that.

Invitation to Apply

Every two weeks on average, Canada holds new invitation rounds. Candidates who have the highest score receive the Invitation to Apply from the government and have 60 days to submit the application for Permanent Residence. 

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