Manitoba PNP

A Provincial Nominee Program is a system created to deal with the lack of skilled workers in Canada. The Provincial Nominee Program enables provinces and territories to nominate immigrants that will contribute to the economy. These nominees are granted expedited processing, which ensures that they can be issued Canadian permanent resident visas quickly. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) was the first provincial program established in Canada in 1991.

The goal of MPNP is to address the critical labour shortages facing Manitoba’s economy. The program is aimed at selecting foreign nationals who will contribute, either through their work or business skills, to the Manitoba economy and society. The province wants to attract highly educated people into its workforce as well as individuals that are ready to settle in the province and make it their permanent home. Recipients of an MPNP nomination are fast-tracked for Canadian permanent resident status once they arrive in Canada.


Streams of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

The MPNP has three categories of work:

  1. International Graduate Category (IEC) – Invites workers with post-secondary education (bachelor’s degree or higher) to apply for nomination as permanent residents if they can demonstrate that their skills and experience are in demand by Manitoba employers;
  2. Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) – emphasizes individuals from overseas who can fill occupations that are difficult to fill with domestic labour and/or whose skills are transferable across different sectors. This stream prioritizes applicants with experience in a skilled trade, professional designation, or training related to an occupation on the Manitoba Job Bank;
  3. Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) – Invites individuals currently residing in Manitoba, who have the skills, experience and qualifications needed to fill positions that existing Manitoba employers are finding difficult to fill. Applicants under this stream must be able to demonstrate their intention and ability to settle in Manitoba permanently.
  4. Business Investment Stream (BIS) – Invites immigrant entrepreneurs who can establish businesses that will create significant employment opportunities within Manitoba.

The MPNP Process

Applicants who are interested in the MPNP must register in the Expression of Interest (EOI) System. The EOI system works as an online database where applicants can indicate their interest in moving to Manitoba. Applicants are placed into a pool and the MPNP will select potential candidates based on the requirements set by each stream of the program.

The EOI allocates points to each candidate based on their education, work experience, language skills (English/French) and age. The MPNP selects potential candidates with the highest scores from this pool of applicants and sends them a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) for permanent residence. The applicants then complete an application and submit it to the MPNP along with other supporting documents like a police clearance certificate, proof of funds etc.

Once the application is received, applicants will go through the application screening process, and if all is well, a nomination certificate will be issued by the MPNP. Once the applicant receives a nomination, he/she can submit an application for permanent residence to the federal government

How long does it take?

The processing time is dependent on each stream of the program. On average, it takes between 6 and 12 months to receive a nomination certificate from the MPNP. The application for permanent residence can then be submitted immediately afterwards.

Quotas and draws

The IRCC allocates the quota for MPNP each year. In 2021, the quota stands at 5400  for the Base nomination category and 875 spots for Express Entry candidates.  The MPNP will run draws according to the quota and priorities set by each stream. Invitation rounds are being held twice a month on average.

The number of spots for the MPNP will depend on the number of applicants each year. With Canada’s ageing population, attracting skilled young people is vital to maintaining a healthy workforce which can only be done through immigration. The program also prioritizes individuals who are willing to settle in remote regions of Manitoba and develop its economy.

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