Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

Immigrating to Canada for family reunification is one of the highest priorities under the immigration policy of Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents (mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother) to immigrate to Canada. Parents and grandparents must meet certain requirements, as well as sponsors must have sufficient income for themselves and their family members.

Parents and Grandparents

Inadmissibility and medical exam

All applicants except Quebec residents must be screened for inadmissibility due to criminal convictions, medical conditions, etc. Parents and grandparents may also need to undergo additional medical examinations not required by other categories of immigrants (e.g., chest x-ray for tuberculosis) depending on factors such as time spent outside of Canada, previous immigration/travel history, country of origin, etc. The application process is completed by submitting the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship form online.

Who can qualify to be a sponsor

To qualify as a sponsor, you must be:

  • at least 18 years old
  • be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • meet minimum income thresholds; or have someone co-sign on your application to show that they will assume responsibility for supporting your family members that will immigrate to Canada. To determine whether you can take on financial responsibility for sponsoring your family member(s), immigration authorities may consider factors including assets, net worth, cash flow, stable employment, income, and the number of family members to be sponsored. Proof of your ability to financially support a sponsored person(s) will be assessed during the Parents and Grandparents sponsorship assessment process.

Interest to Sponsor

In order to begin the process of sponsoring your parents or grandparents, you need to fill out an interest form. If it’s approved and submitted in its entirety, then a complete application will be available for submission so that they can become permanent residents of Canada!

How much money do I need to sponsor?

Income required for the 3 tax years right before the day you apply (sponsors applying in 2021)

Total number of people you’ll be responsible for202020192018
2 people$32,270$41,007$40,379
3 people$39,672$50,414$49,641
4 people$48,167$61,209$60,271
5 people$54,630$69,423$68,358
6 people$61,613$78,296$77,095
7 people$68,598$87,172$85,835
If more than 7 people, for each additional person, add:$6,985$8,876$8,740

How Shaun Immigration Can Assist You

Shaun Immigration is a global leader in immigration services. Our dedicated and professional RCICs have helped immigrants to fulfill their dreams of immigrating to Canada for years. Whether you’re looking to sponsor your parents or grandparents, our experts will work tirelessly on behalf of the applicant as they file their application with Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Our expert team of RCIC’s has many years of experience dealing with Parent – Grandparent sponsorship applications.