A visitor visa is a document that allows you to travel and stay in Canada temporarily. It’s also known as a temporary resident visa, and it’s typically granted for up to six months at a time. It allows you to stay in the country as long as it’s within its validity period – usually up to six months – after which you have to apply if you want an extension or a new visitor visa. Any visitors who wish to extend their stay in Canada after their visa expires will need to apply for an extension.

What is the visitor visa Canada?

There are two types of visitor visas: one for people who want to come to or return to Canada from another country; the other type applies if you live in but want to visit another country. Visitor visas can be single entry or multiple entries depending on your situation. A visitor visa will not grant permanent residency status upon arrival nor does it allow any kind of employment opportunities while in Canada unless otherwise specified by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Visitor Visa

What is the difference between a tourist and a temporary resident?

Visitors who wish to work or study in Canada – either during the time they are inside Canada or when they have left – would have to get a work permit or Canadian study permit respectively. Getting a visitor visa does not guarantee that you can enter and stay in Canada, and it’s important to remember that visitor visas are only granted if you have a valid reason for coming to Canada.

There is no guarantee that your entry will be allowed by the Canadian border officials at the time of your arrival, and they may deny you entry into the country even with a visa. Therefore, it is critical that you apply well in advance for a visitor visa to Canada and have all your documents in order.

There are many types of visitors that come to Canada every year. Temporary residents are people who have been admitted to Canada by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as a visitor or on an authorized study or work permit. Typically, these people also have visas that show they are temporary residents of the country. Temporary residents arrive in Canada with a valid passport from their home country, and once they are in Canada they have permission to participate in work, study or travel activities.

Immigration officers at the border and airport may ask you questions about your reasons for coming in; they can also order you out if they believe you’re not a visitor or you don’t have any valid reason for entering the country.

How to get a visitor visa in Canada

Shaun Immigration can help you to obtain a visitor visa in Canada. Our experts will complete your application and send it to the visa office for processing. All you have to do is tell us a little about yourself, why you want to come to Canada, when you plan to go there and what activities you will be doing while visiting the country. Our consultants will then figure out which Canadian visa best suits your situation.

How to extend your visitor visa in Canada

If you wish, our consultants can also help you with extending your visitor visa in Canada. All you will have to do is tell us how long you need to stay and about the activities that you plan to do in the country. We understand that most visitors go to Canada for a few weeks, but there are people who need to stay longer than six months.